• 1952
      The company's predecessor is a part of the former PLA 23rd corps, and adapted to the construction engineering corps
    • 1955
      The unit was collectively adapted to an enterprise directly under the Ministry of Construction and Engineering, PRC
    • 1966
      The State reorganized and established PLA Infrastructure Engineering Corps. The company's unit was later designated as Detachment 22, Regiment 212
    • 1983
      The 212 Regiment of 22nd Detachment of Infrastructure Engineering Corps was collectively adapted into the Fourth Construction Company of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau
    • 1996
      Qingdao Customs Business Technology Housing Project won the company's first construction industry highest honor, Luban Award
    • 1998
      Approved by China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, the company’s registration place moved from Dongying Shandong to Qingdao Shandong
    • 1999
      With the approval of CSCEC, the former China Construction Underground Engineering Corporation was merged into the company and CCCEC was established
    • 2000
      The company moved its headquarters to Beijing from Qingdao, Shandong province. The company retained the legal person qualification of the former Fourth Company in Qingdao and establ
    • 2007
      On the basis of the Civil Engineering Fourth Company, China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau restored the system of the Fourth Company. The company underwent shareholding refo
    • 2011
      Approved by China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, the former China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau Infrastructure Construction Co., Ltd. reorganized strategically wit
    • 2018
      Approved by the Organization Department of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, the first congress of CCCEC was successfully held in Beijing
    • 2019
      After thorough investigation and discussion, the company established its overall strategic thinking of "regional operation and professional development", the market layout of "
    • 2020
      The headquarters of the company is relocated to Beijing Lize Financial Business District, embarking on a new journey of enterprise development